About me.

My name is Claire and I live in Kintbury.
I am a Qualified Veterinary Nurse with over 20 years experience. My qualifications include Dog Psychology, Dog Training and PAT Dog temperament assessor, currently working toward MIPBC (membership of the institute of pet behaviour consultants).
Many of you may have seen me walking or cycling around the village and surrounding area with my Border terrier, Bowyn. I was often complimented on his behaviour and good manners with ‘I wish my dog was that well behaved’. Bowyn sadly passed away in February 2016 aged 17, but he helped so many of the puppies/dogs in my area that people still comment and remember him. He was an exceptional dog. This got me thinking, Why was he like this? Naturally a legend…..

However he also had plenty of exercise. Long walks, agility and obedience training. He appeared centre stage at Crufts.
He came to work with me so was never left alone for long periods.
He got lots of safe ‘doggy interaction’, socialising and ongoing training. He was used in all my own training as a demo , patient or Guinea pig.

He was part of our family unit with routines and consistency.
I decided it was those things that helped make him the confident, relaxed and happy chap he was even though age was catching up with
him! I wasn’t trained in dog psychology when I got him all those years ago, nor had I taken courses in dog training. I just sought help and guidance from those who had the experience.

This is what I now want to offer to you in the hope I can help with the key points I am sure helped Bowyn become the dog he was and has
helped me progress Isaura and Oleg into the happy dogs they are today , despite their issues and background. Dogs are what we help them to be!


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