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We’ve been with WELPets since puppy parties and then through Good Citizen classes with some agility too.Bertie is our first dog so it’s been absolutely brilliant and would highly recommend it to anybody. Claire knows so much from training to diet and even spotted an eye wart which could have saved his eye sight!

Jasper has known Claire since joining our family as a puppy… our “fur baby”. She has been a consistent person in his life to help with his early training and to get him out for much loved walks with his best friends on our work days. Without the ¬†time and dedication from Claire I think he would be a very different dog. She helped from a very early age to ensure he was well socialised and has always been so helpful with advice about his health and well being. He is so calm and so loving and gentle with our children, we couldn’t wish for a better dog ūüėć he loves Claire to bits and she, like all the animals she cares for, loves him.

‚ÄúClaire has been actively involved with the care of our rather high maintenance Deerhound puppy, Morag, since she was three months old. We highly recommend the puppy foundation course, as it has prevented shoulder injuries throughout the family and the slobbering of our neighbouring dogs on a regular basis. Claire also walks Morag for us, accompanied by carefully chosen walking partners who tolerate her exuberance well. We are sure it is Claire‚Äôs professional and skilled input which means we have a socially acceptable dog, a feat we may not have achieved in her absence. We are extremely grateful and would heartily recommend Welpets services to dog owners all and sundry.‚ÄĚ

Claire and Si are amazing, they have had our 2 labs now for over 4 years, since they were tiny. They are frequent house guests with them and it is almost at the stage now that if they cannot have them we don’t go away! The minute their vehicle arrives, they bound across the lawn, tails wagging feverishly and leap straight up as they open the back, almost forgetting to say “bye”. If you are a true animal lover, when they are not with you, you really cannot relax and enjoy a break unless you know they are in safe hands – theirs are! I cannot commend them highly enough, but almost don’t want to say it too loudly for fear that the next time I ask they already have a full house!

“We honestly don’t know where we would be without Welpets to help keep Kora, our Husky Labrador cross happy and active on the days when we are all out. They have never let us down and provide such a caring, reliable and flexible service, always doing their best to accommodate any last minute requests”.

I have been using Welpets for 6 years , puppy training , dog walking,and daycare for my Rottweiler.  The service they provide is second to none.Claire looks after him like he is her own, they have a great relationship and he clearly loves going to Claire.      Welpets are very accommodating to all our needs even at short notice, I would highly recommend them and personally wouldn’t use anyone else.

We first met Claire just before our boys had their first birthday 2 years ago , since then not only has She helped them pass their gcds awards but also introduced them to the fun of agility. Without¬†all of Claire’s help and support I truly believe our boys would not be the amazing dogs¬†they are. Claire is now helping us through the bronze gcds with our 7 mth old puppy.Claire makes everything fun and our dogs (as well as us humans) love her, I would recommend her to anyone who was looking for any classes or walking. Her knowledge on¬†medical and behaviour ¬†is something she will willingly share and means you know your animals are in very safe hands.¬†There is no one I would trust my dogs with more.

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